What a night…

We have arrived to 5 new chicks this morning, bringing our total up to 7! The are all nicely fluffed up and chirping loudly. One of the others eggs has a crack but no sign of movement from the other two yet.

They can’t wait to meet you year 2 🙂

Two chicks on board!

After lunch we were lucky enough to watch our second chick being born! The very moment when we saw the second chick being born we were really egg-cited. The first chick was very excited too and kept standing on it!! We never egg-pected it to happen today. We can’t wait for more to hatch tomorrow!

We’d like to announce the arrival of our first chick…

At 9am this morning our first chick hatched! Year 2 are incredibly egg-cited!!

When it first hatched it’s feathers were really wet but now it’s starting to dry out. Our chick is beginning to find his feet and is chirping happily. It’s very tired at the moment so it’ll be resting for the day. Hopefully we’ll have some more by the end of the day!

Weekend travels ???

The chicks are all ready to travel to their new home for the weekend! They will be staying with Miss Slaney! I wonder how cheeky the chicks will be this weekend? Get thinking of chick names ready for Monday! Have a lovely weekend ???

Weekend travels